Eco-friendly cotton bags.

A gadget appreciated by your clients.


Production and distribution of cotton bags

We conduct our business on domestic and international markets. To meet expectations of our customers, we approach each on them individually. In the current era of ecological awareness, cotton bags have become very popular as they are extremely effective and practical advertising gadgets. We encourage you to take a look at our offer and invite you to cooperate with us.

Prints on cotton bags and T-shirts

To meet the needs of our clients, we make prints on cotton bags and fabrics.
We’re proudly introducing a new service!
We make prints on T-shirts

Wide range of products

Along with the constantly expanding machine park, we offer our customers new product solutions. At the moment, apart from standard cotton bags, we offer:
– colored bags with a basis weight of 145g
– canvas bags with a basis weight of 180-340g
– recycled bags with a basis weight of 140g

The highest quality

Quality is our priority. That’s why, before manufacturing, we pay special attention to raw materials supplied to us. During the production process, we use precise and modern machines. The production itself is subject to strict requirements. Each product is subjected to interoperational supervision, which allows us to monitor the correct manufacturing of each and every product.

Openness to customer needs

Good products, strong values and openness to clients’ needs are key to our success.

What distinguishes us from other companies is the fact that we care about the highest quality of our products. What’s more, by applying clear principles we can better meet our customers’ expectations.